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Our aim is to fly from Bangkok to Islamabad, Pakistan in early March and travel north to Muzaffarabad, where we will initially be based in a refugee “tent city.”  Winter will still be in full swing so we are prepaired to provide immediate aid for those living in the tent camps.

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The current situation and subsequent needs of the camps change daily.  Our goal is to provide needs-based assistance and will not know what those exact needs ultimately are until we arrive in Pakistan in early March.  Once on the ground we will be able to make a proper assessment and determine how best to utilize our man-power, resources and expertise.

Our Approach

Based on the experience of the Groundteam and other organizations already established in this area, the type of work we will most likely be involved in upon arrival in late winter is immediate aid work in tent camps.

Our initial relief efforts will include:

  • Digging drainage ditches and latrines
  • Helping to set up / fix tents
  • Making improvements on existing tent city infrastructure

Once Spring arrives and the snow thaws, our attention will shift towards rebuilding.

Rebuilding efforts will include:

  • Helping construct new homes, schools, orphanages and roads;
  • Providing logistical assistance in the planning and building of earthquake-resilient homes, schools and hospitals throughout the region;
  • Tending to the needs of widows and orphans

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Down the road our focus will be able to shift once again, this time to longer-term rehabilitation and redevelopment efforts.

Long-term efforts include:

  • Projects focused on widows and children
  • Small business development initiatives
    – income generation for widows
    furniture-making cooperatives – to furnish newly built homes.



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