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Please feel free to be in touch with us if you have any inquiries.

You can contact the Pakistan Volunteers Team via:
Email: pkvols@gmail.com
Tel: +66 (0)4 845 9615

You can also contact us individually via email:

Mike Morris: michael.morris@kwantlen.net

Andy Tandoh: andytandoh@hotmail.com

Jessica Moulday: j.moulday@mail.com

Jacqueline Dyer: jacqueline.dyer@gmail.com

Carly Festa: carlyfesta@gmail.com

Alison Matthews: alie_matthews@hotmail.com

Nikki Greenberg: nixgreen@hotmail.com

Viki Bingham: fruitloops83@hotmail.com

Wim Geeraerts and Ymke Hoeyberghs wymke1518@hotmail.com

Jody Byron-Smith: jodybyronsmith@hotmail.com

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