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We originally came together as humanitarians in response to the December 26, 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami and have been involved with relief and redevelopment work through the Tsunami Volunteer Center based in Khao Lak, Phang Nga Province, Thailand, from January 2005 onward.  We represent a broad cross section of cultures, backgrounds and skills sets.  As one collective group, we will be able to use our previous relief experience to assist with the immediate and long-term recovery of earthquake-devastated Kashmir.

Who We Are

We are a group of 11 individuals from 7 countries ranging in age from 22-40 years old.  We are an independent, non-denominational and non-partisan group preparing to work alongside established NGOs in the earthquake-affected region of Kashmir (see Groundteam information below to learn about partner organizations).  However, as an independent group of volunteers unaffiliated with larger relief organizations, we can assure donors that the entire amount of their generous contribution will get from Point A to Point B in a quick, reliable and effective manner.  Their money will be used just how it should be – to keep earthquake survivors healthy and warm throughout the winter, and to help them get back on their feet in the spring, when the rebuilding of their homes commences.

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Groundteam History

Five experienced tsunami relief volunteers from Khao Lak, Thailand immediately headed to the disaster zone in late October 2005.  Their initial aim was to assist in whichever areas were most needed, from body search and recovery to basic clean-up and restoration.  In the two months they spent in Kashmir, they had many successes.  Working alonside local and international NGOs, the Pakistan Earthquake Groundteam was able to achieve the following:

Current Plans 

The Groundteam worked in conjunction with a number of local NGOs and business organizations while in Pakistan.  We hope to volunteer along-side these groups starting in March:

We are also planning to partner with Dale Ryan of Corlyte Shelters to help rebuild 2,200 schools throughout the earthquake-hit region.  More information on this to come in the next few weeks. 

mike_sarah.jpgThree members from the original Groundteam returned to Pakistan in late January 2006 to continue the work that they started in October. Pakistan Volunteers is currently in direct contact with them and will continue to be until arriving ourselves in early March 2006.  We will be receiving detailed reports about the current situation and how it is changing, and we will meet their delegation in Islamabad upon arrival in March. 

We will be working in concert with this experienced earthquake relief team and hope to bring even more diversified skills and expertise to the relief efforts.

Our professional experience is broad in scope:

As Tsunami Volunteers, our collective experience includes:


* See Profiles for more detailed information regarding the Pakistan Volunteers team.

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